Our Quality principles, initially applied to the product and manufacturing process sectors, are being increasingly applied to less tangible activities such as administration and services. Our R&D is the latest frontier, and experience to date suggests this is still a virgin, pioneering field. Some characteristics of R&D make it a natural for Quality, others require careful tailoring and customizing of basic Quality principles to assure success. While there is no doubt that Quality basics apply to R&D, rigid application of manufacturing-derived concepts and training approaches has met with mixed results. A better approach is to position Quality principles in terms and trappings relevant to researchers by custom-designing training materials and work exercises to recognize unique R&D characteristics. This is how the COPPEX Research and Engineering Company has attempted to introduce Quality into R&D.

Quality Policy

Our prime focus is the satisfaction of our honorable customers & our prime motto is to meet customer’s requirements effectively & creating values for all, our customers & our company & to society. We are committed to manufacture & deliver consistently, quality brass cable glands and extrusion rods & wires to the customers. We thrive to understand and fulfill, with quick response the changing needs of the customer, time to time. We are committed to adopt & implement latest world standards, techniques & systems for ensuring total quality control.